Our house, their habitat

There are a lot of big animals living outside our house. IMG 20170127 163632

The inside of our house is home to a lot of animals as well. Not all of them are as cute as Nogg’s cuddly toys.

IMG 20170204 144845


The dreaded flatties - There are super fast, super big spiders in South Africa called flatties because they sit flat on the walls. They aren’t harmful but they seriously freak Sam out! He thinks they are gross. Katy is in charge of catching and releasing them outside upon request. These requests are fairly regular but they are not always successful due to the quickness and shrewdness of the flattie.

IMG 20170210 053024

IMG 20170210 053015

Shongololos - Millipedes are  affectionately called shongololos here. The name shongololo comes from an African word "ukushonga” which means 'to roll up' because when they feel threatened they roll up into a ball. Noggs likes to touch them and watch them. He can’t quite say shongololo so he calls the shokos.

2016 10 27 08 07 27

2016 10 27 08 04 32

Dung beetles - After the rains a lot of dung beetles come out. They find poo, roll it into giant balls, push the balls long distances, and then have babies in the poo. Nice. Sometimes they fight over poo or females will lazily hitch a ride on their mate's poo ball while he pushes it.

IMG 4845

2016 12 06 09 33 02

2016 12 06 09 32 57

Scorpions - Scorpions are not our favourite house guests but they are part of life in the bush. We sometimes find scorpions stuck in the bathtub in the mornings and scuttling around on the floor at night. The ones with the big pinchers and slim tails are not very venomous and the ones with the skinny pinchers and fat tails are the dangerous ones. We get both. Lucky us.

IMG 8785

IMG 9697

IMG 9700 Fotor

Geckos and lizards:

Because we have such a plethora of insect life, we have geckos and lizards that eat them which is jolly good despite their poo getting everywhere. One of Nogg’s first words was gecko and he loves seeing them, although he freaks out a bit if one touches him.

IMG 6440

IMG 8315


IMG 0812


So far (pounding on wood) we haven’t had a snake in this house. This does happen fairly often in the area where we stay though so we are always keeping an eye out, especially as there are a fair few venomous ones. We did have a snake lay her eggs near our house which hatched everywhere. We found the fresh shells soon afterwards. That grossed Katy out. Sam took photos.

2016 10 21 18 00 21

IMG 0907

Small mammals:

Bats - Our house is also a bat hotel. We like bats but they are getting a bit much. They poo and wee all over our porch all the time. They sometimes get caught inside our bedroom and fly around our bed while we are trying to sleep. When we came back from holiday, we found a petrified bat in our mosquito net. One decided to make a home in Nogg’s schoolbag and then flew out when Katy opened it. We had to catch it with a mixing bowl to release it. We do like bats but we wouldn’t mind it they spent more time outside and less time inside. Here is my poem about bats: Fly bats, be free, and roost in trees rather than schoolbags please.

IMG 9168

IMG 20170214 085805

Birds - There are active five birds nests hanging off the edge of our roof. Now we’re not bird experts but I think they are occupied by cut throat finches (what a cool name like little avian pirates!). They don’t come inside but they do dive bomb towards your head if you walk under their nests (kamikaze pirates, even cooler!!).

IMG 20170214 101646

IMG 9786