Mango season

When we lived in England, I can’t really remember a specific time of year that I associated heavily with a particular fruit. You could get any fruit any time you wanted from Tescos. But in South Africa, quite a few fruits are distinctly seasonal which I like. I look forward to the year progressing and eating different fruits in abundance. The strong seasonality makes fruits seem more natural and they become more appreciated. One of my favourite times for fruit is in summer when the mangoes and watermelons are ripe. Watermelon is considered a Christmas food. It feels much more festive with it’s Christmassy colours and sweet flavours than Brussels sprouts. Right now it’s mango season and we live in an area that is abound with mango farms. On the 20 minute drive into town, I estimate about 50% of the land we drive past is mango farms. When we got back to SA after our trip abroad over Christmas and New Years we bought 68 mangoes for super cheap from the farms nearby. Then we drank a lot of smoothies, made and froze cubes of mango puree, and made mango ice lollies for Finn.

IMG 9403

IMG 20170118 165959

IMG 9491

One of our nearby farms had its annual mango family day this weekend and we went along to pick our own mangoes. Finn got to ride on a tractor to the fields which mesmerized him into becoming eerily silent for some reason. Now we have another horde of mangoes to munch happily through.

IMG 9583

IMG 9578

IMG 9554

IMG 9541

Next month, we are planning on going to a berry festival to pick our own raspberries and blueberries. More fruit, more good.