Sam and I are expecting a baby in May which is exciting. It’s a boy, or a boyby as we have been calling him thus far after Peep Show (Mark Corrigan: "Sophie? Jeff says - he says that - the baby is a boyby. Is it a boyby?")

IMG 20150209 130443

Everyone’s been pretty amazing about it. The boyby isn’t even born and thanks for our amazing family and friends, he already has had a room with real walls built for him and received adorable clothes, toys and accessories to carry him about in. I’m sure when he’s born he will be grateful...or maybe not, but we certainly are!

The boyby has been to four countries so far and we are confident that he will continue to be well travelled once born. The boyby has come along on several helicopter flights looking for hyaenas and helped with baboon collaring. He’s been along while I’ve been tracking collared leopards and been hiking in the mountains. So not too bad a start for someone who hasn’t breathed air on his own yet. 

I am now in the final trimester (week 29) and have about 2.5 months to go until our May 9th due date. The pregnancy has been fine - not too many complaints! A bit of tiredness, lots of eating (I think I must have consumed at least 15 boxes of cereal bars)  and some trouble sleeping but other than that it hasn’t stopped me doing or achieving too much. I think Sam will be glad when there aren’t a million pillows in our bed which I nest myself in with. The boyby is kicking loads and is pretty awake at night especially. I think he must have got that from Sam who is much more of a night owl than me.

We are planning on having the baby in the UK since our insurance won’t cover the birth costs here after 32 weeks so I will be heading back to jolly old England in a few weeks. 

Sam has been taking a photo of my growing bump every week since 7.5 weeks. Here are the photos so far!  


More boyby news to come and also photos of our amazing new tent / house extension!