Sand dunes. Wildlife. Wide open spaces. These are some of the images that are conjured up when we think if Namibia. At least for me. For Katy it has always been that t-shirt that her dad brought for her after a visit when she was a nipper. So off we went to Swakopmund. Photos! IMG 4624

Mussel beach. Boom boom!

IMG 4770

Namaqua chameleon

IMG 4679

Namib dube gecko. Their feet are webbed like snowshoes, so that they don’t sink in the deep sand.

IMG 4689


IMG 4795


IMG 4804

Katy in the namib dunes!

IMG 20150122 165222

View of the desert and the Atlantic, just before skydiving

IMG 4887


IMG 4917

 We kayaked with cape fur seals!

IMG 6745

IMG 4971

Then they came to swim with us!

IMG 20150124 111653

Quad biking in the dunes

IMG 20150124 120836

Still quadding in the dunes

IMG 20150124 113735

Sand boardoing!

IMG 5007

 Mammal! We saw a srpingbok in the Dorob National Park.

IMG 5016

The welwitschia is the national plant of Namibia. They are rare, and it could be easy to mistake them for a dying, wilted plant. But they are unique, rare and important - they are the only species in their family, endemic to the Namib desert in Namibia and Angola, and can live for over 1,000 years. They are depicted on the Namibian coat of arms.

IMG 5024

So why not do an impression?

IMG 5075

 Just like Flamingo Land!

IMG 5104

IMG 5141

And finally we touched back down in stormy Johannesburg.