Last month we went to the US to visit Katy’s family. And we took some photos. Here are some of them.

We had 6 hours while we changed planes at Heathrow, so we had the chance to catch up with Sam's mum and sister who came all the way up from Cornwall to see us for a few hours. What would you do if you could spend a few hours in England? There was never really any debate - we headed for the pub! And on the way we happened to wander past Windsor Castle while they were changing the guard. It was a very British affair.

IMG 3016

IMG 3009


Next stop - Seattle! We headed straight to the cabin owned by Katy's family on the Puget Sound, which had great views of the ocean and Mount Rainier. When Katy's dad asked what we would like to eat we said seafood - and seafood we ate! Oysters, lobster, acres of clams (even at the baseball game)! I seemed counter intuitive that the unit of measurement of clams was acres, but who are we to argue?

IMG 3109

IMG 3152

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IMG 3067

Asking americans not to shoot at a sign I suppose is like telling Brits not to get drunk and rowdy. It only ever makes matters worse.

IMG 20140611 201355

The Pie Minister has spoken.

IMG 3249

It hurts my soul that Americans are largely unaware of the sheer and absolute joy that is meat pie. Fruit pie is fine but it a poor shadow of the tour de force that is the meat pie. I was chuffed that we managed to find an excellent meat pieary in Seattle. A shop in Freemont called Pie. Lap it up if you go there.

IMG 3415

I finally met Katy's brother David and sister in law Jen and our nephew Patrick! It only took 11 years. And we had seafood!

IMG 3288

There is a troll living under the road in Seattle. you can lean on him. He doesn't mind.

IMG 3395

Americans are nice but they don't day abooooot enough so we went to Canada. Victoria to be procice, to see some friends from Durham, Patrick and Betsy. We had fish tacos while watching the seals!

IMG 3361

IMG 3358

Time flies, especially when you are eating seafood and pies, so off we bezzed back to Africa. But again we had a few hours in Heathrow - this time it was Sam's dad that we coerced to the dirty south to visit us. It was my birthday so here we are fighting over my birthday pie (cakes are for southerners).

IMG 3429

Thanks so much to Jack for bringing us to the US, Terri for having us, Katy's family for visiting us in the US, Sam's family for coming to London to see us in blighty, and the Russell for granting us time away from Lajuma!

See you later, world.